Website Hosting Plans Are Based on the Number of Pages on Your Website

Why is there a fee for website hosting?

Web hosting companies are like landlords for your website. They provide the space, resources, and security to keep it online, and they charge a fee for this service.

Here’s an analogy: Imagine renting an apartment. You wouldn’t expect the landlord to provide it for free, right? They have to pay for the building, maintenance, utilities, etc. Web hosting is similar – the company provides the resources for your website to exist online, and they need to be compensated for the cost.


1 to 2 Pages $7.50 a month or $78.00 a year 

3 to 6 Pages $10 a month or $105.00 a Year

7 to 11 Pages $12.75 a month or $135.00 a Year

12 to 16 pages $15.50 a month or $164.00 a Year

Hosting does not include changes or modifications to you website requested by you.

This work is $80.00 hour billed in 10 minute increments. So 5 or 7 minutes of work would be $13.33

Hosting also does not include the renewal of your domain which is billed to you at cost, generally $21 to $24 dollars a year.

To pay for a year, or other payments go to payments.