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Local SEO Consultant – Since all the work is done over the Internet, it doesn’t matter where in the United States you are located. We can provide our local SEO Consulting services no matter what city you live in.

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Hello, I am Charles Shaughnessy, your go-to Freelance SEO Consultant for delivering impressive results. Despite being newer to the SEO industry, I do have the knowledge and proficiency to provide SEO consulting services. With a lifelong entrepreneurial background, I’ve made SEO my new full-time occupation and newfound passion.

No jargon-filled pitches here; let’s get straight to the point. My goal is to boost your site’s visibility on Google and ​yes, that means the coveted spot on page one organically. Getting your business more inquiries and increasing the revenue for your business are my priorities.

Living and breathing SEO campaigns is my ​new obsession (yes, I admit it!). However, that’s precisely why you can count on me while you focus on your business. I actively stay up-to-date with all of Google’s algorithm updates. My dedication to understanding how SEO works is unparalleled.

My training ​and work ethic keeps me ahead of the game ​and will allow​ me to deliver exceptional results for clients like you. I’m not just another SEO freelancer looking for a quick sale. Your SEO success is my passion, and I’m committed to maintaining that drive.

Ready to dominate Google? Don’t hesitate—use the button to book a call and let’s get started.

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No Risk SEO Search Ranking Guarantee

 If you are not on page 1 of Google for at least 50 search terms in 45 to 60 days you pay no monthly campaign fee until your are”. We provide a monthly rankings report. 

Local SEO Consulting

SEO Consultant

This is my  firm commitment:

At Amplify Online Searches, I believe in the power of our SEO team to make a real impact on your online presence. So much so that we’re willing to stake our business on it. If you choose to work with me and my dedicated SEO consultants, you have nothing to be concerned about, because we have a no-risk 60-day guarantee.

This guarantee is rare among SEO consultants in the industry. Many digital marketing agencies and local SEO consultants shy away from making such promises because they lack the confidence to guarantee results. But at Amplify, we have full faith in our abilities to deliver. While I’m confident that I won’t be working for free, I offer this guarantee to provide you with peace of mind. You must be on page 1 of Google for at least 50 search terms in you niche within 45 to 60 days, or you pay no monthly fee until you are.

Ready to partner with Chandler’s best SEO consultant? Get in touch with me and my team today. We’re excited to work together and take your SEO journey to new heights.

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As the up-and-coming Freelance SEO Consultant based in Chandler, AZ, I have dedicated myself to studying and mastering the intricacies of the SEO business. Drawing from my past experiences as a lifelong entrepreneur and leveraging the expertise of my team: This includes my son Hunter, and my sister Kim. I also work with a network comprised of over 100 SEO specialists. We enjoy implementing the technical aspects of SEO campaigns and devising effective strategies. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment when we see page rankings increase.

I Enjoy SEO Consulting

My enjoyment of both SEO consulting and building WordPress websites, has led me to establish this small business. With my passion as the driving force, you can be assured of Amplify Online Searches’ commitment to delivering the best strategies to establish and grow your online brand.

Trust in our expertise to get small businesses found by potential customers in search engines, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of how search algorithms operate. Whether you run a dental practice, a law firm, or work in the construction industry, our services can propel you in the right direction with that much-needed momentum. If you don’t stay on page 1 of Google consistently then fire us.

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