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Landing Pages


Landing Page versus a Home Page

Homepages contain general information about your company. They’re a gateway to other pages on your site where the visitor can learn more.

Landing pages, on the other hand, are standalone pages focused on driving conversions. In other words, landing pages are where you turn visitors into leads and customers.

A website landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after the page is found on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web.

The goal of landing pages is to convert visitors into customers by encouraging them to take a specific action. By limiting distractions and providing a clear path to action, landing pages can significantly increase conversion rates for service companies

Landing pages are used to…


Promote a Specific Service: If the company offers multiple services, each one could have its own landing page. This allows the company to provide detailed information about each service and target specific audiences.

Sales Conversion: For service companies, the landing page guides visitors directly to make a purchase or sign up for a service. It acts as a sales pitch to convince visitors of the value of the service.

Promoting Special Offers: If the company is running a promotion or special offer, a landing page can help communicate this deal and encourage visitors to take advantage of it.

Unlike general website pages, which typically have many goals and encourage exploration, landing pages are designed with a single focus or goal, known as a call to action (or CTA, for short). They are effective tools in digital marketing because they allow you to target your audience with a specific message and remove distractions that could prevent a conversion.

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Landing Page:


  • Focused Message: Landing pages are designed for specific campaigns, allowing a focused message and a clear call-to-action (CTA).
  • Reduced Distractions: Minimal navigation and distractions can keep visitors focused on the intended action.
  • Testing and Optimization: Landing pages are often used in A/B testing to optimize for conversions.


  • Limited Information: Landing pages may provide limited overall information about the business.


Website Page:


  • Comprehensive Information: Website pages can offer comprehensive information about the business, its products or services, and other relevant details.
  • Brand Building: A well-designed website contributes to brand building and trust over time.
  • Multiple Entry Points: Various pages on a website can serve as entry points for different user interests.


  • Potential Distractions: A website with multiple pages may have more distractions, potentially diverting visitors from the desired contact action.

In many cases, a combination of both strategies might be effective. For example, a targeted landing page can be used for specific campaigns, while the overall website can provide additional information and serve as a hub for comprehensive details. It’s essential to align the design and content with the specific goals of the marketing campaign and user behavior.

The effectiveness of either a landing page or a website page in getting potential customers to call or contact the business depends on the context and the specific goals of the marketing strategy. Both types of pages can be effective, but their success may vary based on different factors:

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