Citations, also known as local business directory listings, are online references to a business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP). These listings play a crucial role in enhancing a business’s local search engine optimization (SEO) by affirming its presence and legitimacy to search engines. Citations from well-regarded and relevant directories can significantly boost a business’s visibility in local search results, driving more organic traffic to its website and physical location. They also provide valuable back-links, further improving SEO performance. Maintaining accurate and consistent information across all citations is vital for maximizing their benefit.

Expert Curated Local Directory Submissions

  • An expert from our team will identify the most suitable local directories for your business niche.
  • We set up a dedicated email account to handle all directory submission correspondences.
  • Prior to submission, we conduct a thorough search of existing directory listings to avoid duplicates.
  • Should your business already feature in our initial directory choices, alternative directories will be sought to maximize your visibility.
  • Submissions are meticulously carried out by hand to ensure accuracy and consistency of your business information.
  • Any verification communications received from directories are promptly addressed and confirmed.
  • For instant-approval directories, we capture and organize the listing URLs into a report for your reference.
  • In cases where directory approval is pending, we provide you with the essential login credentials to monitor the listing status when convenient.
  • The estimated turnaround time (TAT) spans between 8 to 16 days, varying with the order volume.
  • Service coverage is limited to a maximum of 200 submissions for businesses within Canada.

Amplify Online Searches process guarantees authenticity and help to maximizes your local online presence.

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Citations Pricing

Local business directory listings

350 – $245.00 US Only

 200 – $180.00 US & Canada

120 – $115.00 US & Canada

80 – $85.00 US & Canada

7 + 15 =

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